The FOOT STUDIO - State Registered Chiropodist / Podiatrist

When hard skin builds up on your feet it's for a reason. Tim will not only remove it for you safely and hygienically but he will try to find the cause and offer treatment to stop it coming back.

If you suffer from corns, these will be removed and you will be offered padding to remove the pressure that is causing them.


Verrucae are all too common among people who use swimming pools or communal showers but even if you don't, that spot on your foot you've been worrying about might still be one, so why not get it looked at!

They can be very persistent if left for a long time so it's best to get them treated as soon as possible, (despite what you might have heard they don't usually disappear on their own!) Tim has an array of treatments he can use to remove them for good.


You're never too young to have a foot check-up! If you're worried about your child's lower limb development Tim can advise you of any treatment that might be needed or simply put your mind at rest if all is well.

A big problem among teenagers is ingrown toenails. It's easy to pick up an infection if the skin around the nail is broken and often a podiatrist is not consulted until after the patient has been to a GP for antibiotics. Early treatment could save a lot of trouble for all concerned, just a minor operation could make a big difference to your everyday life.